Myanmar Ecumenical Institute (M.E.I)

The MEI is the implement to nurture and promote ecumenical spirit of church leaders, to raise awareness on peace building and gender equality for the sake of community advantages and promote cooperation of the churches with ecumenical sprit. MEI conducted its programmes under the guidance of the board of management in cooperation with the member churches, local councils of churches and other church based organizations.


  1. To realize the importance of ecumenical spirit among church leaders and church members in nation building.
  2. To transmit ecumenical spirit in the society through the churches.
  3. To equip Christian students, youths, and women with ecumenical spirit to become ecumenical leaders in the human society.


  1. Lay leadership Training
  2. Seminar on Current issues
  3. Shalom Related Seminar
  4. Ecumenical Leadership Course
  5. Ecumenical Education for All
  6. Coordination and promotion
  7. Library

Committee Members

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