Student Christian Movement

“ You are the light of the world ”


To be a good citizen in the fullness of capacity and ecumenical spirit


  1. To witness the Lordship of Jesus Christ in the campus
  2. Staff, Students and workers to have fellowship by worshiping together and to be arms of the Church
  3. To develop and to be mature bodily, mind and soul in likeness of Christ
  4. To promote the spirit of ecumenism and to nurture for the future leadership
  5. To become dutiful and faithful citizens.


  1. Leader’s seminar
  2. Civic Education Training
  3. Peace Building Training
  4. National Volunteer Workcamp
  5. Ecumenical Formation Program
  6. Women Concern Program
  7. Ecumenical Study Camp
  8. Frontier Mission Recruitment Course
  9. Staff Coordination Meeting
  10. Academic Seminar

Committee Members

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