The Myanmar Council of Churches, MCC is registered as a religious organization an Ecclesiastical national ecumenical fellowship of various denominational Churches. MCC works Primarily with its (13) constituent member national denominational Churches, (14) national Ecumenical Christian organizations, and over (45) local council of Churches throughout the Country.
Working relationship with the Catholic Bishops Conference of Myanmar (CBCM) has Been intensified in recent years. There are working relationships with some UN agencies, local/ NGOs, and INGOs based in Myanmar.


The Background

The Burma Representative Council of Missions was founded in 1913 to foster cooperation among the Christian missions in Myanmar. Then in 1923 to focus moved from more cooperation to the unity of the missions and hence changed the name to Christian Council of Burma. After attaining independence in 1948 and the political changes, it changed its name to The Burma Christian Council. At the Annual General Meeting held in Mawlamyine, on 1972 May 16, the Burma Christian Council was reorganized into the Burma Council of Churches. The constitution of the Council was adopted at the Annual General Meeting held in 1974, May 14 in Pyin Oo Lwin. The Burma of Churches is a body where Christian Churches and organizations who wish to seek Unity of the Church, discuss affairs of the church, work for mutual recognition in areas of Faith and Order come together of their own. Christian denominations do not stand for division, but to promote mutual understanding, mutual recognition, and cooperation in upholding the Name of our Lord. Hence, the Council believes itself as having wider mission responsibility in building unity.



The vision of MCC is all the Churches join hand in hand and together to serve for the Unity of all the Churches in Myanmar, the Unity of humankind, and the fullness of life relevant to the Myanmar context.



The Myanmar Council of Churches is an ecumenical body basically formed by the Churches in Myanmar. The MCC commits to strive for the unity of all the Churches in Myanmar, Spirituality, Holistic Mission, Reconciliation, Peace, Justice, Promotion of Human Dignity, Gender Equality, Service, and Christian Witness, Interfaith Harmony, and Cooperation. It will engage in these tasks through mutual recognition of faith and order, capacity building and empowerment, dialogue, sharing of local and international resources, partnership, and coordination and cooperation.



The main objective of the MCC is for the Unity of the Churches, the unity of all humankind, and fullness of life in Myanmar through:
(a) Mutual fellowship and mutual understanding;
(b) Mutual acceptance and recognition in faith and practices of different churches;
(c) Coordination and cooperation in common concerns of the churches and
(d) Persistent Endeavour towards organic unity of the churches.


(7) Focus Areas in 2022-2024

(1) Promoting Ecumenical Activities

(2) Advancing Inter and Intra-faith dialogue

(3) Developing Human Resources and Leadership

(4) Community Strengthening related to Natural Disasters and Environment

(5) Promoting of Ecumenical Education

(6) Empowering Women and Promoting Leadership

(7) Reduction of Gender-Based Violence