Ecumenical Library

Ecumenical Library of Myanmar Ecumenical Institute, MCC was started technically in 1995 by Daw Hlaing Hlaing Cho, who was the retired librarian of the University of Economics.

The Library is to serve MCC staff, all members of the MCC, related ecumenical organizations, seminaries for their works and also to strengthen their knowledge.

Books and periodicals are major collections for the library. The majority are books in English language. So far it has collected 8100 volume in English and 1400 volumes in Myanmar language. The library covers the variety of fields, not only on religious materials but also on secular subjects.

The religious collection covering bible and its related issues, theology, preaching, Christian mission, God, worship, ecumenism, Christian social , interreligious relations, ecclesiology, Christian moral, creeds, confessions of faith, religious education, church history, denominations and sects of the Christian church and other religions are available.

As secular collections the library has books on psychology, philosophy, social science, languages, applied science, literature, ethics, biography, history.

Over 200 periodicals titles are available and most are old issues both on religious and secular subjects. Only five monthly magazines, two daily newspapers are available as current issues. Occasionally some magazines in which some related topics on religions, etc. and publications from Judson Research Center are also collected for the library. Old publications of MCC Departments and MCC biennial general meetings are kept to study MCC,s history and works.

Books are arranged on the shelves in numerical order according to Classification system (Dewey Decimal classification system) , so that related subjects are kept together on the shelves and it helps users obtain the books in the quickest and smoothest way. To easily find the books, a card catalogue system and index has also been applied. The catalogue cards are interfiled in the catalogue cabinet in alphabetical order, using the word by word system. The Library staff is also available to help.

Patrons (most are from seminary ) and MCC staff may borrow three books at a time for one week. A collection of reference books on bible, atlas, dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, concordance and theses are references books and not allow to take out.

Books are on open shelves. Some books , however, are kept in the cupboard as archival materials covering on Christian history, history of the mission in Myanmar, history of Myanmar, etc.

The library is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 am. To 4:30 pm. The library is closed gazette holidays and Christmas holiday.

The Library is located at MESC, (601) Pyay Road, Kamaryut Tsp, Yangon.