Urban Rural Mission Committee


Community live with diginity, justice and well being.


  1. To improved Awareness of their rights
  2. To have greater access to responsive services and infrastructure and justice.


  1. Promote Human Dignity Awareness
  2. Standing Together with the oppressed and testifying God’s given dignity
  3. Building and Strengthening Community Organizers Networks
  4. Encourage and support the grassroots community to stand for their own justice


  1. Recruit and train new Cos to refresher training
  2. Awareness raising training to local Councils of churches
  3. Exposure trips for Cos to learn partner activities
  4. Advocacy workshop for Cos
  5. Develop IEC materials to explain the legal process to communities
  6. Human Rights Day celebration.
  7. International Women Day
  8. May Day
  9. Annual Forum with Cos and key stakeholders
  10. Networking Coordination meeting
  11. Legal Concerns

Committee Members

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