Ecumenical Youth Work


To motivate youth from churches and students in higher education for engagement into social justice movements.


  1. Rural and Urban youths gained knowledge on ecumenical education, leadership and awareness for networking and networked activities.
  2. To fill the generation gap and second-line leaders in member churches.
  3. Promoted fellowship and collaboration among youth of member denominational churches and other’s faiths based organizations for youth activities.
  4. Linking with other organizations and participating in their youth activities.


  1. National Leadership Training
  2. Regional Networking Building Seminar
  3. Cultural Action Team
  4. Joint Training with Member Churches (current issues based)
  5. Joint Training with Non-Members Churches on Ecumenical Education
  6. Civic Education
  7. Youth Conference
  8. Ecumenical Church Youth Strength Program
  9. Ecumenical Film, Cartoon, Song Competition
  10. Networking Activities with Ecumenical Bodies
  11. Interfaith Youth Network (Religion for Peace- Myanmar)
  12. I.E.C Material Production (Information, Education, Communication)

Committee Members

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